Unlocking Spasticity

Many stroke survivors are left grappling with the issue of restricted movement due to an increase in muscle tone in their arms and legs. This condition is known as spasticity. It can essentially lock up a patient’s arms and legs, making movement very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Robin Kennedy Hunter survived a stroke in 2009. Suddenly, this vibrant New Orleans woman, who once worked as a surgical tech, found herself unable to move her left leg arm, hands and feet. Dr. Andrea Toomer with Culicchia Neurological Clinic has been treating Ms. Hunter with a series of injections to loosen her left arm and hand. A pump was inserted to systematically deliver medication to Ms. Hunter throughout the day. The pump, coupled with the injections, serve to block the nerve signal that causes the muscle to contract uncontrollably. Dr. Toomer discusses Ms. Hunter’s progress in the video below:

Physical therapy is the next step in Ms. Hunter’s treatment. In the next video, Ms. Hunter describes her progress after six months worth of therapy administered by Carrie Black, DPT at Culicchia Neurolgical Clinic.

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