Meet the Spine Team

spine team

(From left, Lashon Maggio PA-C, Justin Owen, MD, John Steck, MD, Rod Boyd, PT, Stephen Rynick, MD, Andrea Toomer, MD, Michael Puente, MD)

There are 33 vertebrae in the human spine, creating a complex system of nerves, tendons, vessels, muscles and more. For this reason, diagnosing and treating problems of the neck and back can be a challenge. Culicchia Neurological Clinic’s Spine Team consists of neurosurgeons, neurologists, physical medicine doctors and physical therapists all working together, when needed, to pinpoint the problem.

Some serious spine conditions require surgery but others do not. Neurosurgeon John Steck believes that surgery is always the last resort and counsels patients to stay in shape to maintain a healthy spine. In this video, Dr. Steck discusses the extraordinary factors that come into play to warrant surgery.

Our team of physical therapists work with patients to strengthen their core in an effort to minimize spine discomfort and also to facilitate recovery post surgery. In this video, Rod Boyd, PT, talks about the use of physical therapy to help spine patients recover.

Justin Owen, M.D.Neurosurgeon Justin Owen is the newest member of the Spine Care Team, offering treatment in our new Slidell office.

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