Hearing and Balance-Neurotology

CNC Hearing and Balance Center

CNC Hearing and Balance Center

Hearing loss and balance issues should never be taken for granted or as a sign of aging. The doctors and audiologists at CNC Hearing & Balance Center are trained to diagnose any underlying causes that might be causing symptoms.

Neurotology is a highly specialized medical field that involves the diagnosis and treatment of hearing, balance, facial nerve and skull base disorders.

Moisés Arriaga, M.D. is trained as both an otologic neurosurgeon and head and neck surgeon.  Dr. Arriaga leads the CNC Hearing and Balance Center to treat the following conditions:

Acoustic Neuromas
Hearing Loss
Balance Disorders
Dizziness & Vertigo
Ear Trauma
Facial Nerve Problems
Meniere’s Disease
Otitis Media – Ear Infection
Skull Base Tumors
Cochlear and BAHA Implants

Drs. Moises Arriaga and Frank Culicchia are recognized by the Acoustic Neuroma Association as qualified providers in the field.  Appointments can be made by calling the CNC Hearing and Balance Center: 504-934-8320.