Robert Dawson, M.D.


• Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Medical School:

• LSU School of Medicine, Baton Rouge, LA

Surgical Internship and Radiology Residency:

• Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center, Denver, CO • Army Flight Surgeon Course, Ft. Rucker, AL

Neuroradiology Fellowship:

• University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Academic Positions:

• Asst. Prof. of Radiology & Neurosurgery, Vanderbilt University • Assoc. Prof. of Radiology & Neurosurgery, Emory University

Board Certifications:

• Diagnostic Radiology • Neuroradiology • Vascular/Interventional Radiology

Professional Societies:

• Chairman, national standards and practice committee, American College of Radiology • Chairman, national standards and practice committee, American Society of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology • American Assn. of Neurological Surgeons • American College of Radiology • American Society of Head and Neck Radiology • American Society of Neuroradiology • Radiological Society of North America • Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology • Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging • World Federation of Interventional & Therapeutic Neuroradiology • Safari Club

Frequently Treated Problems:

• Stroke • Aneurysm • Intracranial Hemorrhage • Brain – Vascular Malformations • Spine – Vascular

Associated Physicians:

• Robert Applebaum, M.D. • Jason Wilson, M.D. • Frank Culicchia, M.D. • John Steck, M.D.

Medical Affiliations:

• Clinical Professor, LSU Dept. of Neurosurgery

Robert C. Dawson, III enjoys an international reputation in the field of interventional neuroradiology, which uses modern X-ray equipment and the most sophisticated catheterization tools to access the smallest vessels of the body to treat neurological disorders. This highly specialized and rapidly evolving field significantly reduces operative trauma to the patient, recovery time, and cost of treatment. Interventional neuroradiology is often used in cases of stroke to dissolve clots, treatment of intracranial aneurysms, and obliteration of vascular malformations of the brain or spinal cord. The interventional neuroradiologist also treats some spinal fractures. Advances in interventional neuroradiology are happening every day, offering new hope for patients with conditions previously thought inoperable. Dr. Dawson is proud to be part of the West Jefferson Medical Center neurosurgery team that was ranked among the top 10 percent in the United States.  He is listed as a top doctor by U.S. News and World Report. He is an accomplished researcher and his work has been extensively published in medical journals. His expertise is highly valued and his lectures have taken him all over the globe, even as far as China, to Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan City and Nantung. While there, Dr. Dawson performed one or two cases per day and spent a good deal of time lecturing, despite a language barrier. “I don’t speak Chinese and they didn’t speak much English but with interpreters we managed to communicate quite well,” he recalls. All in a day’s work for Dr. Dawson, who is a Louisiana sportsman at heart. Born in Morganza, Dr. Dawson regularly fishes the bayous and lakes he’s known all his life in south Louisiana. He jokes that his favorite sports area is a secret but he’s been known to be seen leaving Cypress Cove Marina in Venice. WGNO-TV: Dr. Dawson on aneurysms and the local brain aneurysm support group.
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