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Standing Up To Spasticity

Mary Newton came to Culicchia Neurological Clinic after suffering a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the waist down. Not only was she unable to move her legs, she also suffered from painful spasms. She was unable to get any relief from oral medications. They provided only minimal benefit and caused intolerable side […]

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Progress Report: Spasticity Treatment for Spine Injuries

Fifteen months after having a Baclofen pump surgically implanted to relieve Spasticity in his legs, Bill C. is proud to show off the progress that he’s made. Bill suffered a spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident that left him unable to move his legs. He has supplemented his Baclofen therapy with intense physical […]

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Baclofen Pump Eases Spasticity for Spine Patient

Bill Coleman was partially paralyzed after a major automobile accident in 2013. He suffered a fracture of his spine that left him unable to walk.  He worked very hard in physical therapy to try and regain strength but spasticity left his muscles extremely tight. Dr. Andrea Toomer prescribed a Baclofen pump to relieve the tightness […]

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Relief from Spasticity

Twelve million Americans suffer from a condition called Spasticity, which causes tight, stiff muscles or spasms that may make movement, posture, and balance difficult.  It is caused by damage or injury to the central nervous system and commonly occurs after a stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy or Multiple Sclerosis. Culicchia Neurological Clinic’s  […]

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Botox To Ease Spasticity

Many stroke survivors are left with a condition called spasticity which results in tight muscle contractions. So much so that  spasticity sufferers cannot open their hand or bend their arm or elbow. Not only is it paralyzing, it can affect one’s balance and ability to do everyday tasks. Dr. Andrea Toomer of Culicchia Neurological Clinic […]

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Carrie Black, PT, DPT, C/NDT, CBIS is available to provide specialized outpatient physical therapy for patients with pain and movement impairments resulting from disorders stemming from stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, spasticity, chronic pain syndromes, back and neck pain and neuromuscular disorders.  Carrie sees patients at our west bank office at the […]

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Baclofen Pump Case Study

Patient Gerald Ford suffered a spine injury that left him with severe spasticity, a condition which caused the muscles in his legs to contract to the point where it was extremely difficult for him to move. In this video, Dr. Andrea Toomer discusses the use of a Baclofen pump  implant which delivers medication into Mr. […]

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Unlocking Spasticity

Many stroke survivors are left grappling with the issue of restricted movement due to an increase in muscle tone in their arms and legs. This condition is known as spasticity. It can essentially lock up a patient’s arms and legs, making movement very difficult and sometimes impossible. Robin Kennedy Hunter survived a stroke in 2009. […]

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